Carry the message…

I was going through notes and journal entries the other day and came across this entry and was guided to share.

August 11, 2012

I have reached a point where I often do not know why I do the things I do – I simply follow my intuition and have learned to stop asking “Why?” – just do it and lo and behold the answers to ‘why’ are usually very quickly revealed…

I believe it is my responsibility as an ordained minister to deliver messages I receive to whomever is open to hearing them and that does not mean only to people that are actively seeking Spiritual enlightenment or go to church every Sunday. It is not for me to know when or how another person may hear something that is just what they needed to hear that answers a question or questions that perhaps they were not even consciously aware of asking. To that end I simply go where I am guided to go; doesn’t matter if it is a sacred holy place or a bar. Someone once asked me why would I go to a bar after having such a profound spiritual experience, “That doesn’t seem like a very spiritual place.” I reminded them that in this Universe, this Creation, a bar is just as spiritual as a church. When we first of all remember that we are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience, then everything within Creation is of a Spiritual nature; remember the 3rd Law of the Universe – the Law of Relativity…. everything just IS, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Unless and until we compare it to something else.

I have met more people truly devoted to God, or Creator, All that Is, whatever label you want to place upon it in bars than I have in a church. My experience with the church-goers is that the majority (I am not stereotyping or saying All) of them go to church because it is the ‘right thing to do on Sunday morning’ and if they are seen going to church or admit to doing so, then others will think better of them. To go to church to satisfy the ego and to present to the world that one is a ‘good’ person, does not make it so. On the other hand, I meet and talk to people in bars that have a genuine love of others and humanity and even though they may drink beer and swear, when you listen to their stories they are full of many wonderful, selfless acts of giving.

So I pose a question, is it more holy to put money in a tithing basket not knowing (or caring) where or what it will be used for, or to buy someone a meal or a place to sleep?


The Arch-angels showed themselves and the messages I heard and was informed to remind people of each

Raphael – Angel of the East – Angel of New Beginnings
“Remember to always act out of Inspiration, not Desperation”

Michael – Angel of the South – Strong Foundation
“Remember that Faith is your strongest foundation; when you have undying faith, you have a foundation that cannot be torn asunder by any force”

Gabriel – Angel of the West – Angel of the Past
“Remember that you already know everything you need to know about the past, there is truly no need to live in it for any reason”

Ariel (Uriel) – Angel of the North – Angel of Wisdom
“Know that within you is the Wisdom to know what to do at any given time; apply the principles of Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel and Ariel is a natural by-product of following your Spirit.”

I was asked to please remind people of these things; do not force-feed the information, simply let people know that are ready and willing to hear regardless of when or where that is and trust that I will always know when to say something and when to stay quiet.