Forgive vs. Forgiveness

Forgive vs Forgiveness

…and then the word … and the word was: FORGIVE

What does it mean?  Without getting into the etymology of the word, let’s just play with it for a while…

FORGIVE — spacing — FOR GIVE

Eg: thank you for giving me the opportunity to….

Basically, Forgive is to Give Forward.

The question then becomes give WHAT?

To forgive someone is to offer them absolution.  That is to say that whatever one did, or said that was inappropriate or harmful in some way no longer has any meaning or bearing on/in the relationship — “SHOULD” be, from that point forward – forgotten – completely – as if it never happened, or was never said.

So, when one says, “I can forgive, but I will never forget.”  That person is truly not forgiving, now are they?

If forgiving is releasing the ‘memory’ of the incident – then it no longer exists

True forgiveness is letting go completely, as if it never happened.

??? — I offer my forgiveness.  Can one do that?  YES… that is to say – I am forgiving you – no matter what you say or do… if, you are willing to accept it.


Forgiveness is a two-way street.  If I forgive you, then I am giving of that part of myself that is gracious, divine, kind, compassionate, and by giving you any of these, I am strengthening them within my Self.  I am saying that I release the person from any responsibility or guilt, i.e. the memory – if I relieve them of the memory(ies), then I also relieve myself of the memory(ies) as well. Therefore, I reclaim my energy because I no longer need think of that incident.

To forgive is an action; Forgiveness is a quality or characteristic.

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