We Get What We Ask For…

The Magic Words

Chapter 5 – Come to Me
Calling and Feeding
A Different View of the Law of Attraction

“How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.”

Imagine that you see a stray cat and you decide that you want to take it in as a pet. How do you do that? You put some food out, you feed it, and you call it in. Sure enough, it works, and the cat starts coming closer. Then one day, you look outside, and you have eight cats eating the food you put out! “Oy vey! I only want one cat!” What do you do? You stop feeding and calling the cats. Then you gradually put more food out and the cat you wanted to begin with comes back. You continue monitoring and feeding, calling the cat you want to you until it becomes your pet.

Our feelings are cat food!

Every feeling we have is feeding the Universe, calling for more of the same. We never get just the feeling; rather, we get opportunities to experience the feeling(s) again. Therefore, we often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, saying, “How did I get in this situation? AGAIN?!” It is because we continue to have the feelings that create that situation. This pattern continues until we clean and clear those feelings and again, ask ourselves, “How did I create this for myself, and why?”

As with the other 7 Laws of the Universe (see Appendix 2) – the Law of Attraction is always working and immutable. We always get what we ask for! The challenge is that we forget, or do not realize, that when we are stomping our feet and throwing a fit, we are asking (feeding). The more we express our feelings (calling), the more and faster we get what we are asking for. Remember, there is no good or bad as far as the Universe goes – everything just IS! Something is only good or bad because we compare it to something else (the Third Law).

Every feeling we have is asking for more of the same. This is another place where ho’oponopono is so powerful. Whenever we are feeling any of the lower vibrational feelings, say ho’oponopono until the feeling dissipates. We do not know how long it will take for the Universe to respond, and how it will show up, but what we do know is that it WILL respond. So, the sooner we negate those low vibrational feelings in the moment, the less chance they have of coming back.

If or when those feelings do return, we now know how to heal them. Simply repeat ho’oponopono a few times and ask ourselves, “How did I create this for myself, and why?”

Repeating ho’oponopono over and over as a mantra will more often than not guide us to the answers. Then we may take responsibility, love ourselves, apologize to ourselves, forgive ourselves, and come into the gratitude for the experience(s) and the lesson(s) learned.

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Whenever we feel any of these feelings, repeat ho’oponopono over and over, and very quickly the feelings will dissipate, and we will begin to feel better.

The sooner we can start saying the words, the less chance we have of reacting. Instead, we learn to respond to a situation or circumstance. Response is predominantly in the higher vibrational feelings while reaction is typically in these lower vibrational feelings. Remember that our feelings are just that – ours! No one can “make” us feel anything – it is always a choice.

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