Rising as a phoenix from the fire.

Are you rising as a phoenix from the fire?

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” —J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

It is time to embrace our rebirth. What are we learning from this COVID-19 experience? For one thing, we learned we can no longer trust a single source for truth. We also learned to not trust each other, to keep each other at arm’s length.

We have been mired in self-isolation under the guise of lockdown. We bought into the fear and convinced ourselves we did not have a choice and in so doing we gave away our power, our freedom, blaming the government and the media.

How do we regain our power? There are plenty of ‘theories’ about what is going on and how we got here, but it is all speculation and conjecture – no need to go down that path – it only keeps us stuck in the mire.

I want to focus more on how we are coming out of the pandemic; how we are re-integrating our lives. How can we take responsibility for our part in it all?

Ho’oponopono helps us take responsibility. For Self. Remember, ho’oponopono is always and only about and to Self – never anyone or anything else.

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

We take full responsibility for our feelings. How are you feeling about yourself the past few months? Are you sad, depressed, angry? Are you blaming the government, the media, your neighbor? How do you feel when you do that? Not so good, eh? Say it again,

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

And keep saying it. Every time we start to blame someone or something else, we repeat ho’oponopono a few times and release the feelings that are causing us to blame. We ask ourselves, “What am I afraid of?” Fear is our own responsibility – no one else’s!

Even though the situation may have been created by someone else, the feelings we have about it are 100% our responsibility. It serves us no purpose to blame anyone or anything else for what we are feeling.

Remember the Law of Attraction is always at work and reflecting back to us what we are feeding it.  (The Magic Words – Chapter 5 – Come to Me, Calling and Feeding)

Whatever fear we are feeling we are sending that energy out and adding to it, making it stronger. And… we are going to continue to receive the same, although we do not know when or how it will show up.

As soon as you feel any fear, start repeating ho’oponopono until you no longer are feeling the fear – yes, it will come back, sometimes quickly, just continue to say ho’oponopono  and it will soon take longer for the fear to return. (The Magic Words – Chapter 4 – From the Top Down, Neuroplasticity)

Ask yourself, “What can I do it about it right now?” If you cannot do anything, let it go. If you can do something, do it. The time will come when you will be able to respond to whatever is causing the fear. Remember, fear causes us to react, often with more dire consequences than we imagined in the first place.

Responding is always better than reacting!

Remember that all fear is in the future and the more we stay in it, the sooner we bring it to pass – and…it is rarely, if ever as bad as we thought it was before we walked through it.

I encourage you to take advantage of this time for inner reflection and healing rather than joining the mass fear and doubt. As we know, the more we feel and feed into these feelings, the more we are feeding the frenzy and the sooner we attract them into our own lives.

When I have uncomfortable feelings I repeat ho’oponopono a few times:

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

And ask myself,

“How did I create this feeling for myself?”
“When was the last time I felt this way?”
“What were the circumstances at that time?”
“What was my part in it?”

I continue repeating the mantra over and over and I always get answers as memories I had stuffed and buried. I love myself, apologize for my part in the situation that created the feelings back then, forgive myself and understand the lesson, then give thanks for the healing. I always feel better and I stop feeling whatever it was in the moment. I am no longer feeding the frenzy nor attracting the same.

The feelings may return – simply repeat the above process and as we remember our past again, we will remember a different incident that caused the same feeling. Different circumstances, same feeling. The feeling is what we want to heal and understand, we can do nothing about the circumstances or situation that caused the feeling.

I encourage to you go within, embrace your feelings rather than avoid them. When we do this we uncover and heal limiting beliefs that have been holding us back all our lives.

May this find you ever growing, healing and coming to your peace – no matter what is going on around you. Embrace the fire for it is from the ashes that new life is born.

Ealoha aku

Ealoha mai

The Magic Words

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