The Magic Words and the 12 Steps Workshops – Step 1

Have you ever stressed over one or more of these?

Alcohol Money Drugs Relationships
Cell Phone Tobacco Shopping Eating/Dieting

“Food for Thought”

When we truly want to overcome whatever it is that is holding us back, what we are powerless over, we must first admit the powerlessness. Throw away all the excuses, stop minimizing, and just own it. For when we own it, we in that moment begin to have power over what we feel powerless about.

Think about the questions above; what does it feel like to be powerless? Those feelings are more the source of our powerlessness, not so much the thing. The feelings are from memories and when we can get in touch and heal those memories, we begin to reclaim our power.

This is where ho’oponopono can be so powerful; it helps us get in touch with, and take responsibility for those memories. When we can do that, we begin to see what our part in the experience was, forgive ourselves, and find gratitude for the lesson(s) learned.

It is highly recommended you have paper and something to write with before the meeting starts.

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We are using the 1938 Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous as a companion guide.

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