Time to make the donuts!

Terrified to dig deeper

Into the steps

Fear of opening a can of worms

What else is hiding

In the nooks and cranny’s

Of my mind?

Time to make the donuts

Don’t continue

Trying to glaze over it

Sugar coating & sprinkling

Trying to make it more palatable

To choke it down

Force feeding

Cream filled donuts

Creating obesity

And blocking the arteries

To the heart

Hiding behind smoke screens

Fear and insecurities



Wake up

Time to make the donuts

With a new formula

Patience while the dough


Waking up

New possibilities

Old fashioned

A vision for you

Which lies in me

Oh munchkin


Nothing is wasted

Keep doing the work

It will continue to be profitable

Be discerning

About what makes cents

And about investments


Treasure the moment

There is no timetable

Allow, and receive

Give and share

This new formula

The void is filled


Nothing goes to waste

Piece of cake!