30 Years of chronic back pain gone in an instant 

Posted by Adminon December 22, 2016

I had 30 years of chronic back pain and all the Western medical stuff that goes along with chronic pain; pain meds, injections, nerve blocks, etc.  I stopped taking medication a few years ago and a couple of years ago, I was getting acupuncture and decided to practice ho’oponopono about the back pain while I was meditating.

I meditated on the pain and started going back in my life to the first place I felt something similar. It turned out to be around the age of 9. I used to say that all I ever heard while growing up was, “You’re a worthless piece of shit and you’re never going to amount to anything!” That’s what I heard for 17 years before moving out.

As ho’oponopono teaches us, we are each 100% responsible for everything in our lives, so how was I responsible for the statements above? I went back to when I first remember hearing that and then stepped back prior to that and asked my self, how did I create that? I do not remember exactly what I did, or said, but the reaction from my Father was such that whatever it was, it was bad enough to piss him off that much – I mean what parent says things like that to their child? So I realized that whatever I had done, I hurt him so much that was how he reacted. Understanding that I hurt him that much was enough to allow me to accept full responsibility, and forgive my self for having done whatever it was that hurt him so much. He simply reacted. Once I did that, and loved my self, apologized for the thoughts, words, actions, deeds, forgave my self, and gave thanks for the awareness, I suddenly felt an immense love for my Father – where it used to be, he’s your father, you’re supposed to love him, it is now I truly love him for the man he was, is and will be. And, I can only love him that much if I love my self that much. e Aloha Aku, e Aloha Mai. In that moment, the pain was gone and has not returned since. Yes, I still do dumb things like pick up 700 lb motorcycles and pull muscles, but no more chronic pain!

The other thing that came to awareness is that I now do not believe that’s what I heard the whole time growing up; I understand now that I likely only heard it that one time and after that, whenever my Dad spoke in anger, regardless of what he said, what I heard was, “You are a worthless….” What we hear is not always what was said depending upon our paradigms and how we were communicated with growing up, this is why it is so important to learn to become an active listener and ask questions often to clarify that you are hearing what they are saying/meaning. This is where most of our assumptions come from – not listening or communicating well.

When we practice ho’oponopono at the deeper levels, it is amazing the results that we begin seeing/feeling. And the healing takes place on all three levels, physical (body ), emotional (mind), spiritual (spirit). The more we practice ho’oponopono (every day, all day is best), we start noticing that we heal faster – again, on all three levels.

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