Comfort Zone 

Posted by Admin on September 19, 2016

Comfort Zone. What is it?  The Comfort Zone is that area, if you will, of your environment, of your spirit, of your Aura, of your energy field.  Yes – we all have an energy field surrounding us.  The average span of width is usually the length of your arms – if you hold your arms straight out to your side, the very tips of your fingers, actually, about 6 inches beyond your tips is how big your energy field is.  That is just an average for the average person. If you are on a path of enlightenment, your energy field is much larger – depending upon how much you are living in a higher vibration life style.

Regardless of the size of your energy field – have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone gets too close to you ?  Have you ever noticed a difference in that discomfort, i.e. is it stronger for some people compared to other people?  Have you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable at that feeling of “There is just something not quite right about that person, but I can’t put my finger on it.”  This is because your energy field is vibrating at a different frequency than theirs so it doesn’t align with your energy and if you are paying attention, you can actually feel that difference, even though you may not be able to say specifically what it is about, you just know it feels different.  It also works the other way as well, someone comes close to you and has the same “vibe” as you and you feel safe with that person near you.  This “feeling” is really worth noticing and paying attention – it can either be a warning sign or a welcome sign.  And, it is never wrong – even though someone may speak in a certain way – maybe in a reassuring way or how much they can help you, but if the Vibe doesn’t seem to match the words, then make note and pay very close attention to that person and what they may be trying to do  – this is not about being paranoid although that is sometimes what it feels like, but it truly is just awareness.

There is a “mental” comfort zone as well.  This is the one that more often than not will stop you from expanding, from growing.  Did you ever get ready to do something and the more you thought about it,  the less you wanted to do it, until you thought your way right out of what you wanted to do.  The mental comfort zone is the most dangerous of them all as far as stopping you from growing.  It is directly connected to your ego; therefore, it is more often than not, a vanity issue – it could almost be referred to as a “Vanity Comfort Zone”.  Dressing “safe” because you are not sure what people would think of you if you did something new and different.  Imagine, if you will, you just bought a hat and you haven’t ever worn a hat – other than maybe a baseball cap – everyone KNOWS they are ‘cool’.  So you have decided to wear your new hat to go to a club, but you start thinking; does it really look good?  Does it match the rest of my outfit?  What the hell? Do I even look good in a hat at all?!? You know, some people just shouldn’t wear hat at all – am I one of those people?  And before you know it, the hat is back in the box and its off to the old Nightclub knowing you look good, without a hat!

AND Now – the Biggest Comfort Zone of them all – the ACTION Comfort Zone!  Wait a minute – you just said a minute ago that the Mental was the biggest.  Nope – I said it was the most dangerous.  If you couple the Action with the Mental comfort zone you may have your work cut out for you!

Say you want to go scuba diving, you want to go really bad – so bad, that you book the flight and hotel and car and even manage to book the boat to take you out.  You are on your way to the ocean when you start thinking about it.  Is the water too cold?  They said, “It’s not that bad.” but wait a minute – what if their idea of cold water is way different than mine?  And what about sharks, are there any sharks nearby?  Again, they said there haven’t been sharks in these waters in over 20 years.  That must mean they are about due to come back around. Oh my God, maybe I better not go, there are just too many things that can go wrong, but what the hell, I am already here so maybe I will just go out on the  boat and watch others.

Maybe that example was a little bit extreme, however, does the pattern of thought, or process sound all too familiar?  Yes, of course it does.  And that is all it takes to hold you in your Comfort Zone…. FEAR! And you retreat to what you know is safe.  Except that now you know if you are not growing, you are dying, and since you don’t want to be dying, you decide to toughen up and face those fears head-on and walk through them.  And THAT is how you expand your comfort zone.  Just walk through the fear(s).

If you are not sure about all this changing, then start small – just do little things that you have never done before and pretty soon you will be doing new stuff naturally, without even a second thought and that my friends, is growth!

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