Posted by Adminon January 9, 2017

Feelings reference spiral. I first came across this list reading Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks with Abraham. The basic premise of their book is that we all want to be at the top, Joy/Knowledge/, etc. Most of us spend a lot of time in the what I call, lower vibration energies or feelings. Usually between Frustration and Jealousy, with bouts of lower. How do we get to the top? Incrementally.

Our biggest obstacle is, of course, our Selves – we get in our own way often. The trick is to come up the spiral in steps. For example, Revenge feels better than Hatred/Rage and Anger feels better than Revenge, Discouragement is better than Anger, etc.

I highly recommend you right-click and download this image, print it, and hang it on your refrigerator or some place you will see it often. It is a very simple way to check in with self. Whatever you are feeling when you pass the poster may or may not be very strong, but if we walk out the door feeling any of the lower vibration feelings, we will likely find ourselves in situations or circumstances that will increase the intensity of those feelings.

This is a very useful tool to monitor our feelings and is instrumental in helping us better understand the Language of ho’oponopono. The more we practice and use ho’oponopono, the more we become consciously aware of our unconscious, our feelings.

I have this posted on my refrigerator, so I see it every day; however, like most everything else in our homes, after the newness wears off we no longer notice it as much. However, our unconscious mind always sees everything in our current environment (and much more, but that is another topic). What I notice happens is that I am in the upper spiral probably 90% of the time and even when I think am in that state of peace, enthusiasm, joy, etc., i.e. nothing consciously bothering me at the moment, I will pass by this poster or start to open the refrigerator and for some unknown reason (?) LOL my eyes will be drawn to one of the lower vibration feelings – let’s say disappointment for example. What I have realized over time is that when that happens, that is my unconscious mind showing me there is something for me to clear. So I pause for a moment and ask my self, “What am I disappointed about?” If/when I think about it, it does not take long for me to remember something that happened yesterday that was disappointing. Because ho’oponopono is so automatic for me, I practiced it at the time of the comment and of course, that disappointment dissipated in that moment – however, and this is why I call it the Language of ho’oponopono – my unconscious mind remembered it, as it remembers everything from the beginning of creation, and was doing its best to show me there is still some cleaning/clearing to be done at a deeper level by diverting my eyes to a specific area on the poster. If I have the time in that moment (15 minutes to a half-hour), I will delve into it at a deeper level. How do I do that?

I first do some ha breathing – usually four ha breaths followed by a fifth breath where I purse my lips like I am exhaling through a straw, letting the air out, not forcing it out. This very quickly brings me into a meditative state and into the moment. I then tune into that feeling of disappointment and ask my self, “Where is this coming from? How did I create this, and how?” And of course, the first thing I remember is the situation from yesterday, but I continue asking my self, “When did I feel this previously relative to what initiated it?” And lo and behold, sure enough, another memory pops up from a similar circumstance from my past. I continue doing this, looking for the first time I remember ever feeling this disappointment – ‘this’ disappointment relating to what triggered the memory in the first place. LoL – I have a lot of disappointment stuff in my past and the idea that I can clean/clear it all at once is ludicrous; however, I can clear it as it relates to the current situation or circumstance. 

For example, say my disappointment came from someone else telling me they would give me a ride to an appointment and they were late picking me up causing me to miss my appointment. So how did I create this? I was not the one that made me late, etc. I created it because I asked a friend that I know is always late and I did not take that into consideration, i.e. I did not ask them to pick me up 1/2 hour earlier than I needed to be picked up which would likely have solved the ‘late’ situation, they would have been late per our agreement, but I would have made my appointment on time. And yes, there is usually anger associated with any disappointment, but if we follow the reasons back we will find that it is always self-imposed. So in the above situation, yes, I had a moment of anger, said ho’oponopono and very quickly realized the anger was at my self in the form of, “Damn, I know they are always late and I forgot about that when I asked.” The big benefit of practicing ho’oponopono this way is that it stops the low-vibration feelings from getting bigger. By the time the person picked me up, I was already over the anger and able to come back to a place of gratitude for them helping me out instead of the what used to be a usual response of yelling or speaking harshly to them about how they now made me miss my appointment, i.e. projecting MY feelings on to them. What happens when I do that? They immediately get more defensive, they are likely already defensive by being late, so my projecting on them just adds to it and because of our paradigms, we both go into a low-vibration argument because that is what we know. Whereas, by practicing ho’oponopono first and owning my own feelings, there is no projection and it was much easier to stay in the gratitude. Plus, LoL, it is just hard for me to be mad at a person I asked to do me a favor anyway.

Remember, ho’oponopono cleaning/clearing is a life-long process and we will never reach the end, be 100% clean/clear. However, the more we do it, the better we feel and the more love, humility, compassion, and gratitude we notice in our lives.

So, sure enough, I am able to recognize a time a couple of years ago when I heard a similar comment that at that time really pissed me off. At that point I bring that memory to the forefront and ask my self, “Why did I create that, and how?” As I delve into the memory it is now simple for me to understand how I created it, accept responsibility for it, love my self, apologize for creating the situation/circumstance and for hurting the other person, forgive my self for doing so, now understanding why it happened the way it did at that time, and giving thanks for the love and forgiveness. Having cleared that memory, the next time I walk by the chart and ‘think’ I am in the upper spiral, I notice that my eyes actually go to one of the feelings in the upper spiral – proving, to me anyway, that I have indeed cleared that memory. Remembering two key things:

  1. There can be no forgiveness without understanding.
  2. There will be many more similar opportunities to continue clearing/cleaning