How can I stop these things from happening? 

Posted by Admin on September 19, 2016

“How can I stop these things from happening?”

First of all, understand that it is very highly unlikely that you can completely stop them from happening for a couple of reasons.  The Law of Rhythm – remember?  Ups and downs?  The ‘Bad/Down’ days are a useful way to realize/compare (Law of Relativity) our ‘Good/Up’ days – if we didn’t have any down days how would we know of the up days?  However,  it is possible to start smoothing out the waves so they are not so radical, i.e. the ups aren’t as high and the downs aren’t so low and the time between is also less.  And in the process, we will get our lives to the ‘up’ phase for longer periods of time and shorten the time in the down phases.  How?

Simple.  Begin using ho’oponopono on a regular basis – the more you use it, the faster and better your results.  The more you say ho’oponopono:

“I Love You”

“I’m Sorry”

“Please Forgive Me”

“Thank You”

…the cleaner your unconscious becomes and the less radical the up/down rhythms.  A very interesting thing I have found about ho’oponopono is the more you do it the more you start to realize how well it works.  One thing I am recognizing is I am starting to remember people and incidents that are deeper in my past, indicating to me that the more recent past has been sufficiently cleaned to allow these deeper memories to bubble forth.  As these arise, I simply practice ho’oponopono on them and I know in a short (relative) time, these memories will also dissipate, thereby allowing still more, deeper ones to arise.  As a result of using ho’oponopono so much the past few years, I now am flowing through life on a pretty steady flow rarely experiencing any drastic ‘lows’ and if/when they come, I simply practice ho’oponopono and am able to let them go pretty much immediately.  Speaking of letting go, oh, wait – before I go into letting go I just thought of a couple of really cool stories about ho’oponopono.

So check this out!  I often walk to places within a mile of home rather than take the car.  This particular day a friend dropped me off at a store on his way to his destination.  I went in, made my purchase and left the store to find it raining and chilly; oy! this is quite unusual here in the desert in April.  I first wished I had worn a long-sleeve instead of just a t-shirt.  Since it was a light sprinkle and looking at the sky confirmed that it was not likely to stop for a while I decided to just endure a little chill and wet and proceeded to head for home.  As I rounded the building I started saying ho’oponopono which is pretty much second-nature to me now – so I said it a few times and about 20 steps later I realized it had stopped raining! AND the breeze had stopped.  I looked up and sure enough there was a big opening in the clouds and the sun peeked through brightening my day.  I was like, “Holy Smokes! Can this really be happening?  Just from saying ho’oponopono a few times?  Thank you, thank you.”  Cooooool!!!  So I continued walking and about 1/2 block from my house it started to sprinkle again and the clouds overshadowed the sun and it once again was chilly, but I was home, warm and dry.  Pretty cool, eh?  Coincidence?  I will leave that for you to decide.  Personally, I do not believe in coincidences.  Once you understand the Laws of the Universe and how they work, you realize that there can be no such thing as coincidences, or random events.  Specifically, the Law of Cause and Effect – for every occurrence there is a cause and an effect.  So how do I explain this event?  I certainly do not claim credit for stopping the rain or changing the weather; however, it could be that there were enough other people also feeling something to the effect of “oh no, not now…. Please!” about the rain for reasons of their own.  It has been proven, well, make that measured, that if enough people in a specific area, feeling similarly, there is a change in the environment.  (More info about measuring) What that incident did for me, however, was strengthen my already unwavering belief in ho’oponopono.

I also heard recently that another friend of mine decided to go to a casino.  She said she repeated ho’oponopono all the way there and she left the casino $3,500.00 richer.  Again, coincidence?  I think not – You decide.

Regardless of those stories, what I do know for sure is that ho’oponopono helps immensely with the letting go process.  (I told you I would get to it) 

  Many people have a hard time with letting go.  I hear it often, “What do you mean, just let it go?!”  Usually around some mindset that is causing them much angst – and it seems the larger the “problem” or the deeper the drama, the harder it is to let go.  Not true though.  I promise you if you are diligent in practicing ho’oponopono, you will at some point realize that you have become very adept at letting go AND you will begin to notice that your life is indeed smoothing out.  You will have longer up days and shallower down days; your ups and downs won’t be so radical.  In fact, at some point, you will realize that instead of having down days, you will simply have down hours, and the more you practice, those hours will become minutes.  You will realize that when you begin to head towards a ‘down’ period, if you simple say ho’oponopono, that down period will not show up.  You will begin to flatten your rhythm and you will come to know and have Harmony in your life… no matter what is going on around you.

As my friend Wayne, the Joy Doctor says, “Live in joy!”

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