Like lepers in a cage

Posted by Admin on September 17, 2016

Like lepers in a cage, we all seem to be reaching for the key to the lock that will allow us our escape. And no matter how far we stretch, the key is always just out of reach. Why? Because we are walking around in our self-imposed cages reaching for the key we know to be just out of reach. The key to a large bank account, the key to a new car, or motorcycle, or motor-home, the key to the front door of a house, the key to happiness, the key to health, the key to ….. you must be getting the idea by now. Everything we want only takes one key to unlock the cage – we do not need separate keys for each of the items on our want lists. We all have a master key within.

Then one day we just realize that we already have the key and we reach out and unlock the gate and begin to free our self. Self-realization becomes evident and we becomes I and I becomes the center of the universe. And that is just the way it is! Everyone is the center of their universe. Hard to fathom? That the universe we grew up understanding is much bigger than we ever imagined or heard of? Everyone is the center of their universe and all universes are in the center of creation. Kinda makes you feel small, eh? Yet, everything we say, think, feel, and do makes a difference in the universe.


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