No more blame… 

Posted by Admin on September 17, 2016

Dig into self and look for old patterns, behaviors, habits, etc. that are not yours – where did they come from? They came from our early childhood – from hour parents, grandparents, teachers, baby-sitters, etc.

Many, maybe even most people, have a tendency to blame their past for their present – “if my Mother hadn’t done this, or my Father hadn’t done that or if only my ____________ fill in the blank. Even though others may have given us our current paradigm, it is our responsibility to recognize that it is now ours and ours alone and if we do not like it, then we need to change it. Let’s make an agreement from this point forward to not blame anyone else for our current life. It’s not about blame, it is about recognizing, understanding, and taking control of our own life, our own destiny. Accepting 100% responsibility for Self. We cannot do that if we are still bound to our pasts, bound to our parents. We have to break those bonds and move on – IF we want to be successful and find the freedom that is our birthright.