Thought patterns

Posted by Admin on March 4, 2016

I went back to the underlying causes of the thought patterns (lack of self-love etc..) and then go back to the cause of that which laid in my childhood. These tangents seemed to go on forever. i wasn’t exactly aware of what was going on because this process was actually taking over my life without much control.

Yes, the tangents SEEM to go on forever, but they do not – they all have a point of origin and THAT is the trick, finding that point of origin.  What I have learned to do is to meditate, visualizing a timeline, and go back to the time when the first occurrence took place.  For example, someone mentioned the idea of always needing to be liked – I can definitely relate to that – and the discovery that it comes from always being criticized as a child.

The ‘timeline’ goes infinitely into the past and infinitely into the future and we are right in the middle of it.

Knowing that, get into a meditative state with the ‘topic’ or ‘incident’ you are going to correct and go back in time until you ‘see’ the first occurrence of criticism.  Always be high above your timeline looking down on your life and when you see that first occurrence, go back an hour, or a day previous to that incident and see the events that led up to that first criticism.  Because you are above it all, there is no emotion attached, it is like watching a movie.

From this vantage point, recognize that you are indeed responsible for creating the situation that caused the feelings within.

I love you (say your first name)

I’m sorry (I created this pain)

Please forgive me (I didn’t know any better at the time)

Thank you (for forgiving me, for loving me)

Cut the aka cords that are connecting you to the emotions attached to the incident/person involved.

And voila, you are now no longer connected to the feelings around that particular incident so the situations and circumstances that used to stir up those feelings will dissipate from your life.

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