Meditation is a key ingredient for working with ho’oponopono at the deepest levels. There is a lot of controversy about what meditation is and how to do so ‘correctly’. There is the common misconception that meditation is quieting your mind to the point of having no thought. I do not believe this possible as we are energy beings and energy is always moving and changing into and out of form – we cannot stop it. Meditation is more an exercise in learning how to quiet the mind and allow the thoughts to flow through, not lingering on them, just noticing them and letting them go.

Meditation is also a communication tool. Once we understand that we cannot communicate with our Higher Self, or Super Conscious Mind except through our Unconscious or Subconscious Mind, then we realize how powerful meditation can be in manifesting whatever we desire and deserve, for it is through meditation that we make that connection within Our Three Minds.

Aka Cord Cutting Meditation

The aka cord cutting meditation is a powerful meditation for bringing to the surface our limiting beliefs that are associated with various people and animals with which we have interacted throughout our lives.

We will invite various groups of people to come on to your stage and go through a forgiveness process with them.

We are connected to everyone that we invite on our stage through our Aka cords. When we go through the process of cutting the aka cords,  we are only cutting the cords that no longer serve our highest good.

Take 5 Minutes

You have likely heard the saying, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”
Ugh – if I cannot set aside 20 minutes to meditate, one hour is out of the question.  But 5 minutes is easily doable. And we find the more we do 5 minutes, the easier it is to work up to 20 minutes and longer.
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